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Innovative solutions for employment in South Africa
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    The contribution of redistributive land reform to employment creation

    4 June 2020

    Press Release
    The webinar was hosted by CBPEP and funded by the European Union. Professor Ben Cousins, the founder of the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), joined other authors to present new, ground-breaking research on the potential of small-scale farming to promote employment generation.

    This is a critical discussion for policy makers, academics and broader civil society active in the land reform debate, and particularly relevant during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Research Findings


    Employment Growth in South Africa: Constraints and Opportunities

    A thought leadership colloquium
    10-11 March 2020

    This meeting brought together top decision-makers in government and leading thinkers in academia and NGOs to debate key issues in employment-promoting and growth sectors as well as cross-sectoral interventions to retain and grow employment in South Africa.

    Colloquium report and outputs available soon.


    CBPEP is hosted by GTAC (Government Technical Advisory Centre) and is funded by the EU. The programme is assisting the Government of South Africa to meet the key national objective of reducing unemployment, by building institutional and organisational capacity for employment promotion.
    With a focus on:
    Youth transitions from school to work
    Support for small- and medium-size enterprises and informal sector employment
    Enhancing the responsiveness of further education and skills development programmes to the needs of the labour market
      “More than half of all young people are unemployed. This is a crisis. We need to make this country work for young people, so that they can work for our country. The solution to this crisis must be two-pronged – we must all create opportunities for youth employment and self-employment.”
      President Cyril Ramaphosa
      State of the Nation Address,
      13 February 2020
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