Basic Package of Support for Youth

This project aimed to make sure there is a basic package of support for young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) in South Africa

Project Overview

South Africa's youth unemployment rate is one of the country's most pressing socio-economic challenges. Many young people are disengaged with the labour market and, too often, fall into the gaps between education, jobs and employment support.

This project aimed to assist youth who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) by developing a Basic Package of Support for Youth (BPSY) intervention. It aimed to enhance the capability of key government and non-government role-players to meet the needs of young people, ultimately, supporting their transition from education to employment.

In other places around the world there are different examples of employment support for youth which South Africa can learn from. This project drew on the EU Youth Guarantee and other international best practices, which focus on comprehensive, holistic, multifaceted support for youth. The project ensured that existing services and systems were strengthened, connected and built on to create an integrated set of services for young people.


More about the project

The BPSY aims to provide a shared framework for action for a variety of institutions and providers. It builds on policies, legislation, programmes and interventions to provide the necessary support and opportunities.

A policy brief has been developed based on research evidence, international best practice and consultation with youth and other stakeholders. The brief makes a case to support young people through integrated, collaborative partnerships between government, the non-profit and private sectors.

The project leveraged existing capacities and created new partnerships with a common goal. The project was fundamentally client-centred, wrapping services around young people for a more joined-up approach and customised to individuals’ respective needs.

Next steps
In the next stages of this project CBPEP hopes to support pilot sites in implementing a basic package of support for youth. A lot of the preparatory work for the roll out of the pilots has taken place, with the support of CBPEP and in collaboration with a growing group of partners at national and provincial levels. 

BPSy Stakeholder Dialogue

Find out more about what the youth and other stakeholders have to say about their challenges, needs and the support that they require during the transition from education to employment.



Throughout its capacity-building journey CBPEP has learnt valuable lessons. The design and implementation of the Basic Package of Support for Youth (BPSY) has resulted in a number of key learnings.

Putting the citizen at the centre:
Young people were involved in the design and implementation of the BPSY from the start. By working with the youth to co-create employment pathways and solutions, the BPSY is able to address real-world challenges and make a difference to the lived reality of young people.

Innovate, adapt and iterate:
This project uses innovative methods to reach out to young people on the ground and connect them to existing services. It has had to be agile in its ability to provide young people with access to opportunities and the resources they need to be guided forward in a collaborative and supportive way.

project outputs

Latest updates on the Basic Package of Support for Youth project

June 16, 2021

Find out more about: how the project is part of the national Pathway Management Networks, what tools have been developed to support data collection and management systems, the plans for the pilot in Atlantis, and upcoming events where the project will be presented.


A dialogue between youth representatives and stakeholders highlighting the importance of a project like the BPSY

February 1, 2021

Find out more about what the youth and stakeholders have to say about challenges of, and support needed for, the transition from education into employment.


New research: SALDRU-UNICEF survey results on state of SA youth well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic

June 5, 2020

Key findings are now available from a survey of South Africa’s youth that was conducted during the COVID-19 lockdown. A total of 13 282 young people aged 18 to 35 from all provinces participated.


The CBPEP supported project on the basic package of support for youth is being extended for the coming months.

The policy brief for the CBPEP supported project on the basic package of support for youth outlines a proposed programmatic approach based on research evidence and international best practice.

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